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CLICK ME For A.T. Trail Building Photos Click For Cove MT A.T. Clcik Me for Pine Run Res. and Fish Click here to go to Thanksgiving 98 Photos Click here to see Muddy Creek and Mason-Dixon Trail Boy scout camp Md. Click me Got to Rocks State Park Photos 99 Click Me William  Kain County Park Click Me A.T. Michaux Forest Click  Me Giford Pinchot Park Click Me GETTYSBURG BATTLEFIELD Thanksgiving 1999 Click Me South of Caledonia in a Wilderness Gamelands A.T. And Cove MT. Duncannon PA Little Bufflalo State Park Cick On An Red Plus to GO There!

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Group photos of the York Hiking Club. Click Me

Hikes 1992 Click Me

A.T. Trail Building 1991. Click Me

Long Pine Run hike. Click Me

Thanksgiving Day 1998. Click Me

Muddy creek 1999. Click Me

Rocks State Park MD. 10/17/99 Click Me

William  Kain County Park East / west sides. 10/24/99 Click Me

A.T. Michaux Forest PA Oct. 31 1999 Click Me

Giford Pinchot State Park and Mason-Dixon Trail 11/7/99 Click Me


Thanksgiving Dinner at J.P.J. 1999 Click Me

South of Caledonia in a Wilderness area 11/28/99 Click Me

York New Salem Game Lands 12/12/99 Click Me

Cove Mt. & Sherman Creek 12/26/99 Click Me

Little Buffalo State Park PA 1/23/00 Click Me

Tucquan Glen Nature Preserve 2/27/00 Click Me

Stony Creek Area 3/5/00  Click Me

Cowan's Gap State Park 3/19/00 Click Me


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